Here For You

Toppers Pizza is proud to be the largest Wisconsin based pizza chain.  Our headquarters are in the small Wisconsin college town of Whitewater, a city that’s surrounded by locally owned farms.  It’s no secret that farmers in our state are a huge part of our history, economy, and culture.  They provide jobs for our residents and food for our families.  Dairy farms are prevalent across the entire state and they provide the key ingredient for our #1 ingredient – cheese!  That’s right, we’re the cheese state for good reason and being based in Wisconsin means we have the world’s greatest cheese right in our own backyard!  We’re proud to serve our Customers this world class product every day – 100% Real Wisconsin Mozzarella, as well as, many other types of Wisconsin cheese.  Our cheese comes from a local company located just south of Green Bay.  We’re committed to serving our Customers nothing but the best dang pizza, with the best dang cheese in the world.  For those farmers out in our communities providing us with this tasty, melty gold – we’re here for you.